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About Dr. Sumit Badhwar

Dr. Sumit is a well known orthopedic doctor in Agra and in the whole UP. He is the best surgeon to treat joint and bone pains, knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, back pain treatment, cervical pain, alternative treatments to joint replacement surgery (stem cell treatment), bone infection treatment etc. Being a surgeon having more than 15 years of experience in the bone and joint treatment field, people travel to get treated from him from all over India.

Dr. Sumit Badhwar is a graduate of King George’s medical college. Lucknow and he has done masters in orthopedics from Vijayawada and a certificate course in orthopedics from the University of Seychelles too.

Dr. Badhwar has done more than hundreds of knee and hip replacement surgeries, but he keeps surgery as the last option, so he has treated thousands of patients with conservative treatment, that is medicines, exercises, and lifestyle modifications. He has also saved many patients from replacement surgery by treating them with stem cell therapy.

So before you decide to go for any orthopedic surgery, meet Dr. Sumit Badhwar first. We promise it will be worth the effort!

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Knee Pain Treatment in Aligarh

Knee pain can become a very debilitating condition if not treated properly in time. The reasons behind knee pain can be many, like trauma to the ligaments, muscle, and even bone, Fracture, Osteoarthritis, bone infections or even bone tumors. Fortunately, the most common cause of knee pain is arthritis and other sports injuries which are easily treatable.

We try our level best to diagnose the disease first, treat it with simple conservative measures and if it doesn’t respond to that. Then only we proceed to arthroscopic ligament repairs, stem cell therapy or knee replacement surgeries. We believe in keeping the surgery as the last option, that’s why we have treated thousands of patients with stem cell treatment and only hundreds with joint replacement therapy.

We suggest you give a sure visit to Dr. Badhwar’s clinic before deciding to undergo any surgery for your knee pain. You will be glad for the decision you made.


Hip Pain Treatment in Aligarh



Hip pain commonly occurs in the elderly people and the sportspersons. The most common causes of hip pain are hip bone fracture due to slipping (it is very important to treat it with excellence as if not done right, a hip fracture can be very debilitating for the patient). That’s why Dr. Badhwar takes utmost care in treating the hip fracture so that full motion is restored. The other causes of hip pain can be avascular necrosis, sciatica, ligament injury or just a referred pain from a tight muscle!

So, that’s why the best diagnosis and thus treatment from an experienced surgeon is an absolute necessity. Dr. Badhwar is an excellent surgeon for the best hip pain treatment and also known for his non-surgical approach and if required, excellent hip replacement surgery treatment.

We advise you to give us a visit for your hip pain treatment! You will not regret it ever!


Back Pain Treatment in Aligarh

Dr. Sumit Badhwar is the best orthopedic surgeon for back pain treatment in Aligarh, UP India. Back pain is a quite common nowadays, almost everyone has suffered from it now and then, but the problem arises when it becomes constant and severe. Even the dull aching back pain calls for the exact diagnosis and the treatment. The causes can be many, from muscle sprain to bone infection, tumor, disc pathology (prolapsed or ruptured disc) and lumbar spondylosis etc. 

Dr. Badhwar believes in the least possible tests for the diagnosis of the problem as he has more than 15 years of experience in the field. So his treatment approach is also medications, lifestyle changes, physiotherapy and exercise first and spine surgeries like laser laminectomy and microdiscectomy etc.  We insist to take an opinion from a renowned surgeon in the field before going for spine surgery. Book Appointment now!


Joints Pain Treatment in Aligarh

You are in the right place for the best joint pain treatment from the best orthopedic surgeon in Aligarh, UP, India. As Dr. Sumit Badhwar treats many joint pain patients daily, he believes in a proper diagnosis because according to him, a correct diagnosis leads to a correct treatment and complete resolution of the problem. The reasons behind joint pain can be a bone infection, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, injury to the joint, degeneration of the joint or any systemic disorder. We assure you that at Bone & Joint Clinic, Noida. You are in safe hands. Just trust us and we will handle the rest.

Even if you are confused, whether you should go for surgery or should give some time to the medication and exercises, We have the right person to give you an unbiased and honest expert opinion. Give us a visit for the best joint pain treatment in Aligarh, UP, India.

Treatment is Not Far Away!

We understand it is a three hour drive from Agra to Noida, but what are 3 hours when you can get rid of Joint Pains, get attractive offers for Joint Replacement Surgeries by the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Agra, Noida, New Delhi, Gurgaon and NCR.

If you are from any of the following areas in Agra and are looking for the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Agra then please book an appointment with Dr Sumit Badhwar and use the Google Map to come to Bones and Joints Clinic Noida

Fatehbad Road, Shamsha Road, Kharbai, Kamla Nagar, Shastripuram, Rohta, Dayal Bagh, Agra Mumbai National Highway, Sikandra, Agra Lucknow Expressway, Taj Nagri Road, Tajganj, Gutila Gangroa Road, Agra Cantonment Road, Agra Road, Inner Ring Road, Khandri, Nagla Kali, Dhanauli, Sanjay Place, Sikandra Bodla Road, Kamala Nagar, Nai ki Mandi, Surya Nagar, Shahganj, Awas Vikas Colony, Kheria, NH2 Agra Bypass, Shamsabad, Yamuna Expressway, Lohamandi, Civil Lines, Agra Bharatpur Road, Agra Bombay Road, Agra Cantt, Albatiya Road, Belaganj, Defence Estate, Delhi Gate Road, Guru Ka Taal Flyover, Halwai ki Baggichi, Jagdish pura, Jagnair Road, Jaipur House Colony, Karkunj Chauraha, Madhuvan Colony, Manghatai, Mughal Road, Nagla Rambal, Nirbhay Nagar, Old Agra Road, Paschim Puri Agra, Raja ki Mandi, Rajrai, Sewla Jatt Agra, Shilpgram Road, Shiv Nagar Road, Vibhac Nagar, Rakab ganj, Runkata, Aman Vihar, Anupam Bagh, Artauni, Ashok Nagar, Avadhpuri Colony, Azad Nagar, Bada Ukharra Road, Bain Bazar, Bajrang Nagar, Balkeshwar Colony, Bank Colony, Bansal Nagar, Barauli Ahir, Baroli Ahir, Chamrauli, Chankya Puri, Chipitola Road, Dahtaura, Defence Colony, Deori, Dharera, Faizabad Road, Gandhi Nagar, Garhi Bhodoriya, Ghatkopar West, Gular Ka Nagla, Idgah Colony, Jaupura, Kahrai, Kailashpuri, Kalal Kheria, Kalindi Vihar, Kaulakha, Kaveri Vihar Phase 2, Kedar Nagar, Kehari, Khandari Road, Khaspur Mustkil, Kheria Mode Road, Kiraoli, Krishna Colony, Lakavali, Lakhanpur, Laramda, Laywers Colony, Madhu Nagar, Maharishi Puram Colony, Mangalam Estate, Mathura Road, Mau Road, Mayapura, Mohammadpur, Nagla Makrol, Nainana Jat, Namner, Naubari, Nehru Nagar, New Agra, New Suraksha Vihar Phase 2, Nunihai, Old Vijaynagar Colony Agra, Pashupati Colony, Pathauli Village, Patholi, Prabhu Nagar Pratap Nagar, Pratap Nagar Jaipur House, Pratam Pura, Pushpanjali Puram Phase 3, Ram Mohan Vihar, Ratan Pura, Rishipuram Colony, Sadar Bazaar, Sector 10, Sector 31, Sector 55D Block, Sewla Semri, Sulahkul Nagar, Taal Semri, Taj Nagari, Tag Nagari 2, Tedi Baghia, Tora, Trans Yamuna Colony, Transport Nagar, Ujjain Road, Vaibhav Kunj, Village Rajrai, Vishwakarampuram Colony

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