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Alternate to Knee Replacement Treatment

Alternate treatment to Knee Replacement in noida

Emergency Treatment Available: Yes
Any Age Limit: No
Follow-up Required: Yes
Digital X-ray Available: Yes
Hospitalization Required: No (Outpatient Procedure)
Blood Sample Collection facility: Available
Physiotherapy Treatment: Yes, Required & Available (Well Equipped Physiotherapy Department)
About the Procedure: Please check the Procedure Description Box below
Dr Sumit Badhwar, Consultant Director, Bone and Joint Clinic,Noida is a clinician with innumerable credentials to his credit. A graduate of King Georges Medical college, Lucknow  with  post-graduation in Orthopaedics from NTR university, Vijayawada, followed by certificate course in MCh in Orthopaedics from University of Seychelles.


  • Dr. Sumit Badhwar has undergone super specialty training in knee arthroscopy from AIIMS Delhi and sports medicine from England and did his Joint Replacement Visitation from Max Elite institute.

  • Dr Sumit Badhwar is one of the Lead Orthopaedic Surgeon in the Delhi NCR Area & he specializes in orthopedic surgeries like Joint Replacement Surgeries, Stem Cell Therapy, Poliotic surgeries, Arthroscopy, Fracture & pediatric orthopedic treatments etc.

  • In the past, Dr.Sumit Badhwar is responsible for managing FIRST Private corporate Hospital Joint Replacement Unit in Himachal Pradesh.

  • He has to his credit of doing First Reverse Shoulder Joint Replacement and first to do Stitchless Joint Replacement Surgery and first to use Special Plates for Fracture Fixation in Himachal Pradesh.

  • He is one of the few surgeons to use Minimally Invasive Techniques for joint replacement and fracture fixation.

  • He prefers using “made to order” joint replacement with computer navigation (surgery by wire) for early return to work, High flexion knee & hip replacement for increased range of motion and better rehabilitation process.

  • He is an active member of several Professional bodies, and has participated in numerous National and International Forums. He has national publications to his credit.

The motto of his service is ‘Mobility is life’.

Viscosupplementation is supplementing viscosity inside the joint.

Injection of hyaluronic acid is given inside the joint space to improve the lubrication of the knee joint. This will provide better knee movement and less pain.

It will also delay the progression of osteoarthritis so that ultimately the knee replacement surgery can be delayed.

  • patient lies down, knee is kept in a relaxed position. Local anesthesia is applied.

  • Hyaluronic injection is injected into the joint cavity that is in the joint capsule.

  • The knee area is then bandaged to provide proper support.

  • Knee is then bend and straightened several times so that the gel can spread in the whole joint.

  • Rest is advised to the patients. As Dr Sumit Badhwar says “ After injection, we instruct the patients to rest during the afternoon of the injection, use an ice pack for 2-3 hours, and resume normal activities the day after the injection, except the strenuous work or exercise, which can be resumed after the completion of therapy.”

So all excessive weight bearing exercises and running jogging are avoided for about 48 hours.

Question 1. What are the advantages of this treatment?


  • Bone surfaces glide easily and thus you will have a smoother movement

  • Degeneration process slows down, wear and tear of the knee gets slow so you can avoid the surgery.

Question 2. Is this treatment approved?

Answer. Yes, it has been approved by USA FDA for knee viscosupplementation.


Question 3. Till when did the relief last?

Answer. from 3 months to 1 year.


Question 4. Can I get another injection after the first injection’s effect is over?

Answer. Yes, you can have another injection after a period of 6 months from the first injection.


Question 5. Who are not eligible for this injection?

Answer. Patients having allergy to eggs, bird feathers and other poultry products should not go for this injection.


Question 6.Do I need hospitalization?

Answer. No, it’s an outpatient procedure.


Question 7. How many sessions or injections will be required?

Answer. Only one!


Question 8. Am I the ideal patient?


  • if the pain killers are less effective for your pain.

  • If Physiotherapy is also not giving you any pain relief.

  • If steroid injections are not providing relief

  • If you want to avoid or delay knee replacement surgery

  • If you meet any 2 above stated criteria, then Yes You are the ideal patient for viscosupplementation.

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