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Best Orthopedic Doctor in Noida, Dr. Sumit Badhwar makes Total Knee Replacement Surgery Easy, Simple & Most importantly a Pain-Free Surgery Knee Replacement is independent of age. Ask us more




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At Bones & Joints Clinic, we make sure we undertake surgeries of other joints as well. Shoulder Replacement Surgery, Ankle Replacement Surgery, Elbow Replacement Surgery & other Cold Orthopedics by Dr. Sumit Badhwar, rated as the best orthopedic doctor in noida.

MEET DR SUMIT BADHWAR, Best Orthopedic Doctor in Noida 


Dr Sumit Badhwar, Consultant Director, Bone and Joint Clinic,Noida is clinician with innumerable credentials to his credit. A graduate of King Georges Medical college, Lucknow  with  post-graduation in Orthopaedics from NTR university, Vijayawada and Subharti Meerut followed by certificate course in MCh in Orthopaedics from University of Seychelles.

  • Dr. Sumit Badhwar has undergone super specialty training in knee arthroscopy from AIIMS Delhi and sports medicine from England and did his Joint Replacement Visitation from Max Elite institute.
  • Dr Sumit Badhwar is one of the Lead Orthopaedic Surgeon in the Delhi NCR Area & he specializes in orthopedic surgeries like Joint Replacement Surgeries, Stem Cell Therapy, Arthroscopy, Fracture & pediatric orthopedic treatments etc.
  • In the past, Dr.Sumit Badhwar is responsible for managing FIRST Private corporate Hospital Joint Replacement Unit in Himachal Pradesh.
  • He has to his credit of doing First Reverse Shoulder Joint Replacement and first to do Stitchless Joint Replacement Surgery and first to use Special Plates for Fracture Fixation in Himachal Pradesh.
  • He is one of the few surgeons to use Minimally Invasive Techniques for joint replacement and fracture fixation.
  • He prefers using “made to order” joint replacement with computer navigation (surgery by wire) for early return to work, High flexion knee & hip replacement for increased range of motion and better rehabilitation process.
  • He is an active member of several professional bodies, and has participated in numerous National and International Forums. He has national publications to his credit. The motto of his service is ‘Mobility is life’ and he always stresses on strengthening the bones as he always promotes ‘Healthy body lives in healthy bones’.

Patient’s Speak

We understand any type of Orthopedic Surgery can be daunting, which is why we have listed out a few patient testimonial videos. Please know them through their monologue and understand their journey from being in Pain to Pain Less.

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Arthroscopy keyhole knee surgery in young age

I met with an accident during trekking and had shown to local doctor. With no relief, severe pain and swelling of knee, I approached Dr sumit Badhwar who eventually diagnosed me as a case of complete ACL tear in knee and tailor made my programme for recovery. I underwent ACL reconstruction surgery by two miniatures cuts over knee followed by physiotherapy and now I am back to my work, knee strength regained, scars have disappeared and can wear sports shorts without being noticed for surgery. He truly stands for his motto “Mobility is life”. Thank you. Mr Abhilaksh Sharma

Fracture of bone around elbow

I had suffered fracture  of main  bone around elbow and was advised surgery. Dr Sumit Badhwar operated upon me and was surprised by such a small incision through which surgery was done. I was back to work on 3rd day after surgery . I thank Dr Sumit Badhwar for his immense help . Thank you. Mr Kamal Yadav

Knee arthritis in young age (Mosaicplasty)

I, Mr Ajmer Singh, from services was suffering from severe knee pain in right knee which was affecting my official duties. Investigations showed severe arthritis of knee bone. I was immediately advised to undergo a special surgery for repair of my arthritic knee, which I promptly underwent.Now after surgery, I am perfectly fine, no pain and is able to walk and resumed my duty. Sir, thank you very much for saving my lively hood and I would remember you always. Thank you. Mr Ajmer Singh

Severe Bony Pain after fever

I was diagnosed as a case of Chikunginea fever and was having severe bony  pain and was even not able to walk. Dr Sumit Badhwar thoroughly examined me and gave me medicines which brought immediate immense relief to me. Thank you Dr Badhwar for your treatment. Miss Akshita

Shoulder Replacement

I, Krishna Sharma, age 65, had met with an accident 15 years ago which completely restricted my shoulder movements and was painful. Then I met Dr Sumit Badhwar who examined and advised me to undergo shoulder replacement surgery. After surgery, I regained my lost shoulder movements and is now pain free. I thank Dr Sumit Badhwar from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Mr Krishna Sharma

Hip Replacement

I , Mr Javed Ali 75 years had broken my hip bone from  fall in bathroom with no hope of walking again. At this age I underwent successful hip replacement under expert guidance of dr sumit Badhwar and is now able to walk again. My heartiest thanks to Dr Sumit Badhwar and his team for making me walk again. Thank you. Mr Javed ali

Knee Replacement

I, Smt Sita Devi, age 68 years was having severe pain in my both knees and was unable to walk and had difficulty in doing house hold work. Then I met Dr Sumit Badhwar who examined me and demonstrated my bad knee on image platform. He advised me to undergo replacement of knee for which I was highly apprehensive. With compassion, he cleared all, my doubts and answered all my queries. Confidently I underwent my both knee replacement in sitting sitting and is now able to walk with support and is now enjoying my old age. Thank you very much dr sumit for making me young again!! Smt Sita Devi

Knee and Ankle Pain Treatment

Dr Sumeet Badhwar at Bone and Joint Clinic is a thorough professional with rich experience, and a gem of a person. He is one of those rare people, who go beyond the call of duty. When I went to him for knee and ankle pain, he meticulously described the problem to me. Also, he made an accurate diagnosis without even consulting my old reports. I underwent an MRI and the findings were completely in line with his diagnosis. He even accurately diagnosed Vitamin deficiency and again the blood tests proved him right. His medications are also extremely pocket-friendly.

I just can’t thank him enough. Mr Pinak

About Bone & Joint Centre Noida

Bone & Joint Clinic Noida is the Best Orthopedic Clinic providing all kinds of Regular Conservative Treatments as well as the Advanced Surgeries like Total Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Ankle & Elbow Replacements and The Stem Cell Therapy Treatments.

Bone & Joint Noida Clinic provides digital x-ray facility, Blood sample collection facility, advanced Physiotherapy treatment, Best Orthosis like braces, slings, walking aids etc along with latest and best in class surgical treatment under one roof! The Clinic is headed by a very well read and very experienced Orthopedic Doctor Dr Sumit Badhwar (MBBS, Mch Othopedics) having more than 16 years of experienced and has done more than 350 Total Knee Replacements and 275 Total Hip Replacements so far but he still believes in treating with the conservative methods first and keeps the surgery as the last possible option. At Bones and Joint Centre Noida patients from all places such as Noida, Delhi NCR can visit for their bone and joint ailments. Patients suffering with pain in knee joint, hip joint or any other bone or muscle related ailment living in the following areas Delhi, New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon can get accurate treatment at Bone and Joint Clinic Noida. If you are living outside NCR Area and are looking for a Top Orthopedic Doctor then you need not search anymore. At Bones & Joints Clinic Noida, we treat patients from all over India.The Moto of our Orthopedic Clinic is ‘Mobility is Life’, so Bone & Joint Clinic Noida helps you in being Healthy, Happy and Moving! Book An Appointment Now for a Pain-free Mobile Life!

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