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Looking for a Soft Avascular Necrosis Surgery?

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Avascular Necrosis Surgery

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Looking for a Soft Avascular Necrosis Surgery?

Consider us for an
Avascular Necrosis Surgery

in Noida, Delhi & NCR

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Dr Sumit Badhwar

Dr Sumit Badhwar, Consultant Director, Bone and Joint Clinic,Noida is an Orthopedic Surgeon with innumerable credentials to his credit. A graduate of King Georges Medical college, Lucknow  with  post-graduation in Orthopaedics from NTR university, Vijayawada, followed by certificate course in MCh in Orthopaedics from University of Seychelles.

Dr. Sumit Badhwar has undergone super specialty training in knee arthroscopy from AIIMS Delhi and sports medicine from England and did his Joint Replacement Visitation from Max Elite institute.Dr Sumit Badhwar is one of the Lead Orthopaedic Surgeon in the Delhi NCR Area & he specializes in orthopedic surgeries like Joint Replacement Surgeries, Stem Cell Therapy, Arthroscopy, Fracture & pediatric orthopedic treatments etc.

In the past, Dr.Sumit Badhwar was responsible for managing FIRST Private corporate Hospital Joint Replacement Unit in Himachal Pradesh. He has to his credit of doing First Reverse Shoulder Joint Replacement and first to do Stitch-less Joint Replacement Surgery and first to use Special Plates for Fracture Fixation in Himachal Pradesh.

He is one of the few surgeons to use Minimally Invasive Techniques for joint replacement and fracture fixation. He prefers using “made to order” joint replacement with computer navigation (surgery by wire) for early return to work, High flexion knee & hip replacement for increased range of motion and better rehabilitation process.

He is an active member of several Professional bodies, and has participated in numerous National and International Forums. He has national publications to his credit.

The motto of his service is ‘Mobility is life’.

Frequently Asked Questions about Avascular Necrosis Surgery

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Is Avascular Necrosis Serious?

Yes, Avascular Necrosis is a serious condition and it can destroy your hip joint by cutting its blood supply if not treated well in time.

How do you treat avascular necrosis?

The main avascular necrosis treatment options are hip replacement and soft avascular necrosis surgery that have been proven to be the effective treatments for avscular necrosis.

What are the Stages of Avascular Necrosis?

There are 4 stages of Avascular Necrosis, Stage 1 shows bone changes only in the MRI and not in the x-ray, Stage 2 shows x-ray changes in the bone, Stage 3 shows the collapse of the bone and stage 4 shows complete bone damage.

Can Hip Replacement treat avascular necrosis of hip?

Yes, Hip Replacement can completely treat the avascular necrosis of hip.

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What they say

Nirupam Biswas

Wonderful doctor.Someone who firstly understands the past issues and all the problems faced by a patient and then suggests remedies accordingly.The best part is, a patient is emphasized to be healed naturally more then temporary through medicine.As m a marathon runner, i owe a big part of my running to dr sumit badhwar and his expertise

Shekhar Sharma

Had a low backache. Dr Submit 's simple advice of life style changes and a bit of medicine did the wonder.The man has immense knowledge and friendly to listen your problems . He is very emphatic. Thanks Dr Sumit

Vineet Goel

The best clinic with all equipments, i first visited dr sumit in 2019 for foot injury and since then i have been visiting for , my back treatment. And it has helped a lot, he focus on minimum medicine requirements and guides for exercise and lifestyle changes, he listen to the patients very calmly and explain things in detail. I believe he treats his patients with utmost care.Thanks for the great service doctor. 😇


    Frequently Ask Questions

    Trauma to the joint, its blood vessels, Hip Dislocation, Hip Fracture and continuous use of steroids are the main causes of Avascular Necrosis. 

    Two main treatment procedures are there for Avascular Necrosis - 

    1. Soft Surgery for Avascular Necrosis or Stem Cell Treatment - In this regenerative or soft surgery, a part of dead hip bone is removed and stem cells are added to it. These Stem cells help in regenerating the bone and thereby treating avascular Necrosis. However, this treatment only works in the initial stages of avascular necrosis. 
    2. Hip Replacement Surgery
    3. Bone Grafting
    4. Osteotomy or Bone Reshaping

    Although stem cell surgery is the best treatment for initial stages of avascular necrosis, other supportive treatments are medications, rest, physical therapy treatments and other surgical options are bone grafting and osteotomy along with the ultimate treatment, hip joint replacement. 

    Yes, you will need physical therapy sessions for more than a month after your avascular necrosis treatment, may be more physio sessions are required, depending upon the type of treatment given. 

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