Whenever our body is suffering from any kind of pain, such as hip pain, then it’s trying to tell us that something is wrong! So paying attention to your hip pain is more than a necessity as, hip joint has a complete set of silently progressive diseases and unfortunately they progress very fast.

Don’t panic, not every hip pain is a deadly condition, and mostly it is not, but a thorough check-up and treatment is required, in order to treat the underlying condition before it gets any worse.


So, here are the possible 5 most common reasons of hip pain:

1. Arthritis

In today’s sedentary lifestyle and bad food habits, both Osteoarthritis as well as the rheumatoid arthritis has become very common. The post-menopausal women and the elderly population, both males and females are at higher risk of them than the others.

What To Do: Get diagnosed first, monitor your diet as well as your exercises. Don’t over-stress your hip joint and avoid high intensity sports.

2. Bursitis

Bursa is a little cushion like structures present to prevent friction between bone and the soft tissue structures. This mostly occurs after running or any repeated stressful activity. Pain while moving the hip is the main symptom, two bursa in the hip are mostly inflamed,so either pain occurs on the outside tip of hip joint or in the groin area.

What To Do: Get treated by your orthopedist as soon as possible, otherwise the arthroscopy treatment will only help.

3. Hip Strain and Sprain

Hip Sprain and strain are also very common now a days, they can occur either with a sudden jerky movement or with repeated sports activity.Pain occurs while moving that muscle only. Other movements are painless.

What To Do: Once you have been told that it is sprain or strain, then NSAIDs given by the doctor, Rest and icing is recommended, unless stated otherwise.

4. Snapping Hip

It is characterized by a snapping sound from hip while moving it, changing positions etc. Normally is it painless other than the sound, but eventually it can inflame the bursa, as this snapping sound is due to moving of the tight muscle over the another.

What To Do: Physiotherapy stretching exercises, mainly IT band and piriformis muscles are advised, along with NSAIDs and other measures if necessary.

5. Necrosis of the Hip Joint

It is the most disabling condition of hip, in which, the blood supply to the hip bone is disrupted due to any injury, steroids, or any other bony or systemic disorder. The loss of blood supply leads to the death of the hip bone.Dull or throbbing pain is the main symptom, but with the progression of the disease, putting weight on the necrosed hip starts getting difficult and it keep on progressing.

What To Do: Surgical decompression can be done earlier diagnosed cases, but in the progressed cases, only Hip Joint Replacement will treat the patient.

So, Now You know, that ignoring your hip pain can cost you a new hip altogether! Be aware about your body, take care of it, and it will take care of you.

Bone & Joint Clinic Noida wishes for  Your Good Health and Pain-free Life!

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