Are You among the ones, who are afraid of staying in that bending position for a while, the household chores are like a nightmare to you, or the things lying on the floor give you the most trouble. Then You are suffering from a back-ache, that’s all you know, but you have no clue about what’s the reason behind it !

Here, we are trying to give you an idea about the most common causes of back pain and a quick guideline about what needs to be done:


1. Lumbar Strains – The Pain in your lower back, is most likely to be a strain, which is most likely to occur with a jerky activity,lifting a heavy weight or exerting too much etc. Pain on a specific area is the main symptom, moving in a certain direction alleviates the pain and vice versa.

What To Do – Rest and Physiotherapy treatment is advised after the diagnosis.

2. Postural Pains – The Pain in the upper and mid back is mostly postural, it occurs due to the attainment of the bad posture, resulting in spasm or tightness of that muscle leading to further pain, thus the pain-spasm-pain cycle continues, and proper treatment is required to break this vicious circle.

What To Do – NSAIDS, Postural Advice, and Physiotherapy is advised by the orthopedician in most cases.

3. Lumbar Spondylosis – It is a disease, in which the natural curves in the spine begin to straighten-up, also the spacing in between the spinal vertebrae start to decrease along with the small spikes on them called as osteophytes. Pain after activity or exertion, or after a period of inactivity occurs the most, the back muscles tend to weaken with time.

What To Do – After the confirmation of the diagnosis, by the x-ray, proper medications along with exercises are advised, in order to strengthen the back muscles.

4. Disc Herniation or PIVD – Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc is the commonest disc injury, also known as slipped Disc. In this type of injury, the centre of the disc known as nucleus pulposus, pushes on the outer structure of the disc (Annulus Fibrosus). Thus the outer structure exerts pressure on the spinal nerves, causing backpain and even leg pain if some specific nerve roots are affected too, that’s known as Sciatica.

What To Do – Get diagnosed with the help of imaging studies, every patient has unique set of symptoms and thus treatment approach varies too.

5. Spondylolisthesis – This is a degenerative disease, in which, due to the weakening and wear n tear of the ligaments and other supporting structures, one vertebra slips over the other, thus leading to pressure on the nerves, resulting in pain.

What To Do – The Treatment depends upon the extent of the spondylolisthesis, along with the rest and pain relief physiotherapy.

The reasons behind the back pain can be numerous, the right step is to get it diagnosed before it gets worse. The General Treatment strategy is as follows:

  • Medication

  • Physiotherapy

  • Posture Correction

  • Corset/Braces

  • Spinal Surgery (Last Option when Everything else Fails.)

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