Elbow, when aches, only then we realize, that how important it is, for our daily functional activities, How it helps us to reach the heights, push or pull those heavy doors, or more basic and essential, helps us to take the food to our mouth! So when we start experiencing Elbow-pain, our most basic activities like feeding ourselves, pushing, pulling and the daily chores, they go for a toss, and you feel miserable!

Don’t keep on feeling that, get a cure, get the pain diagnosed, because there has to be a reason behind it. Some of them are listed below:

1. Tennis Elbow

 The first and foremost reason behind the elbow pain is tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis in general terms. The Elbow aches from the outer side of it, the reason is the inflammation of the bone and the related soft tissue structures especially a muscle named as ECRB(Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis), thus leading to the pain in that area, which sometimes leads to weakness in grip strength also. As the name suggests, it used to occur mostly in the tennis players, due to the repeated activity of the elbow joint, but every person having repeated use of the elbow activity is prone to it.

How To Get Treated :- Rest, Icing, Compression bandage,Brace & Physical Therapy is advised in the acute stages along with the NSAIDs prescribed. If progresses further, then corticosteroid injections and surgery come into play.

2. Elbow Fracture 

The fractures are always more common than we think, Elbow fractures are more common in children than in the adults. It normally occurs at the tip of the elbow, by falling on the outstretched hand, getting hit by another vehicle while elbow has been kept on the window etc. The main symptom in intense pain, swelling, elbow giving-way or popping-out sensation, and sometimes finger numbness can also be there.

How To Get Treated :- It depends upon the type of fracture, though most of fractures get treated with the help of a sling and plaster, the more displaced ones need surgical correction.

3. Nusremaid’s Elbow 

It’s also one of the most common injury in the children, also known as pulled elbow, it occurs when a child is pulled while swinging in the air or while trying to escape a fall.The bone named as radius gets pulled out of the annular ligament (surrounding ligament), the child normally, keeps the elbow in that position only, not allowing to move it. This comes under the partial dislocation of the Elbow Joint.

How To Get Treated :- It takes only a minute to fit that elbow in the place back in, by a qualified orthopedician, Never Get it Treated by a Quack & Never Try to Reduce it of Your Own!

4. Osteoarthritis of Elbow Joint 

If the Pain occurs on and off and is a deep pain, shows signs of degeneration in an x-ray, stiffness in the elbow movement is reported and sometimes numbness and tingling sensation also occurs in the fingers, then it is the Osteoarthritis of the elbow joint.

How To Get Treated :- Generally the treatment is symptomatic, NSAIDs, Physiotherapy,Orthosis/Braces are prescribed. Surgical option is generally not considered unless all these treatment options fail.

5. Sports Injuries to Elbow, in Throwing Athletes

There can be many types of sports injuries in an athlete, they occur mostly in the throwing athletes and bowlers, this occurs due to the overuse of the muscles, the injuries include Tendonitis, Bursitis, Stress Fractures, Sprains like Ulnar Collateral Ligament injury and inflammation of the ulnar nerve leading to tingling, pain and numbness.

How To Get Treated :- Every type of injury needs a special type of treatment, under the supervision of a qualified Sports Injury Specialist/Orthopedic, after the treatment, future precautions must be discussed to avoid the recurrence of the injury.

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