5 sets of crunches!

2 miles of Cardio!

And I will have a lean Physique!

Those of us, having interest in gyming or just plain exercising would relate to this article the most. In our clinic, we get patients from all walks of life, however, often we get a lot of patients, who complain of pain during their exercise sessions or post their exercise or gyming sessions.

We will today be demystifying the reason why your body pains when it is put through the exercise regime.

Before we begin, we need to understand the intensity of pain one suffers when we exercise.

Mild to Moderate Pain

Mild to moderate pain when you begin exercising or your gyming schedule is all right and should not be bothered much about. It happens as the body is not accustomed to the exercise, It’s only after a while the body will freely start moving around and the pain will subside.

An excellent method to be pain less is to have a small yet very essential session of warm up.

What should comprise of a warm up session?

  1. Breathing Exercises.
  2. Mild Stretching of arms and leg joints.
  3. Neck movement.

Moderate to Severe Pain in a Specific Joint

Moderate to Severe Pain in a specific Joint could be due to soreness, inflammation or swelling or maybe an internal injury which may or not be evident on the surface.

What you need to do in this case is that, you need to avoid exercising that joint immediately, till the time the specific joint is examined, the reason of the pain is diagnosed and is treated. In the meanwhile we are not asking you to stop working out, you can work out or exercise the rest of your body.

Please note, while many inspirational thoughts say, No Pain No Gain or whatever your Gyming Instructor would say, Do Not Exercise the Paining Joint as unnecessary pressure on the paining joint will only damage it, causing complications.

Moderate to Severe Pain in overall joints during exercise – Stop Immediately.

Patients suffering with arthritis can enjoy a workout with mild pain, but if the pain is severe, you need to stop. This kind of joint pain will not stop and your joint may be on the verge of damage and may need immediate examining and further clinical diagnosing by an Orthopaedician.

“Do not be confused, if you have Pain post the day of your exercise with the pain that you may have in your Joints”

Fatigue and Pain happening the day after our workout often confuse us and can make us indecisive about whether we should continue working out or not.

Please note that Fatigue and Soreness of the whole body post the day of the workout is pretty normal and will subside soon, but what you need to do is the following

  1. Keep drinking water.
  2. Reduce the intensity of your work out.
  3. Chalk out a clear cut exercise schedule in sync with your orthopaedician.
  4. Drink natural fruit juices, they replenish the lost minerals and give you the essential vitamins which are essential for the overall upkeep of your body.

At Bone and Joint Clinic Noida, we have physios who help you not only relieving pain, but also chalking out an exercise regime for yourself. Make sure you book an appointment and get a proper consultation.

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